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1.    A successful concert needs 3 months planning to be a real success. Don’t try to rush.
2.    Think about your target audience.
3.    Selling tickets for the concert is the responsibility of the charity. Decide early who the contacts are for ticket sales. You must have a named individual and contact details; an online booking service is sometimes helpful but it is not by itself adequate.
4.    Undertaking adequate publicity is the responsibility of the charity. Advise WMVC as soon as you can the contact details of the person responsible for    your publicity for this specific event.
5.    Start planning sales and publicity early, at least 2 months before the concert and preferably 3 months earlier.
6.    Posters, flyers and other publicity must emphasise the concert and the choir, not just the charity. Preferably they should include the WMVC logo. Include date time location and ticketing details.
7.    If the concert is in a church, make sure you publicise it specifically to the congregation in that church. This means:
•    Making sure you have the right contacts in the church
•    Knowing how soon you need to get copy in to them
•    A Poster in the church entrance
•    Article in the monthly church magazine
•    Entry in the weekly Parish Diary for the 2 weeks preceding the concert 
8.  Get an entry into your What’s on section of your local equivalent of The Weybridge Flyer or Essential Esher (see )
9.    If you can afford it, also put an article into this magazine. The article should focus on the concert.
10.    Get posters displayed widely in your local community. This includes all churches, some pubs, libraries and local (not chain) shops.
11.    Get your supporters to put flyers onto their car windows.
12.    If your concert is in Elmbridge, the WMVC will try to help with
        •    An entry in the listings in Elbridge Arts Focus, Surrey Advertiser Group 'What's On', etc.  where possible
        •    Getting flyers shown in council notice-boards where possible.
        •    Publicising the concert on our website.
13.    WMVC can help you with words and photos about the choir.

Where posters are being displayed or flyers handed out make sure that you have any necessary permission to do so.

The choir has its own mailing list of registered supporters (currently about 350) to whom we send a list of forthcoming concerts around three times a year.

Let us know in good time if you are planning to produce a printed programme for sale or distribution at the concert, so that we can provide you with whatever choir-related content you need.  If this includes details of what we will be singing we will do our best to provide this, but the programme is always subject to possible change on the night!


Tickets should be available for sale as soon as publicity commences. Make sure that the venue (including postcode), date, time and admission price are all included on the tickets. They should be printed on card preferably, and of reasonable size – no more than eight to an A4 sheet before cutting – to prevent them being mislaid before the event once sold and also to allow for easier handling at the door on the night!

You should aim to sell (and receive payment for!) as many tickets in advance as possible so that you have a reasonable idea of committed audience size before the night.  Unless you are hiring a venue with an advance Box Office facility (in which case you will probably be charged commission on sales, plus the PRS fee – see above) the best method of sale is by face-to-face transaction, e.g. in a shop or at your organisation’s normal meeting place if you have one. If your only possible avenue of sale is by telephone or surface mail/email order, remember to budget for the cost of posting out purchased tickets. Alternatively you could leave them for collection on the door on the night, provided this does not over-complicate the task of your front-of-house personnel.  Incidentally, don’t forget to give them a reasonable ‘float’ of change for tickets sold to ‘on spec’ customers on the night, especially if the ticket price is not a multiple of £5.


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