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Unless otherwise agreed, the following will usually apply;
1.    WMVC will provide the Master of Ceremonies (MC)
2.    The MC will run the concert
3.    The choir will sing 16 pieces in 2 halves separated by an interval.
4.    Within each half, there will be a guest or solo spot by performers chosen by the choir, or (by agreement) supplied by the charity. In the latter case you will be asked to discuss this with our Musical Director. If your soloists require accompaniment from our Accompanist he must be provided with the music at least six weeks before the concert. Each guest spot  should be of 12 - 14 minutes duration.
5.    The interval should not last longer than 20 minutes. Its purpose primarily is to provide a comfort break for choir and audience. If refreshments are to be served in the interval rather than at the end of the concert sufficient arrangements should be made to ensure this timescale.
6.    If you particularly want to include a Raffle please make sure that does not take too long and detract from everyone’s enjoyment of the concert itself. The winning numbers should be drawn during the interval and affixed to prizes to be collected at the end of the concert. The numbers can simply be read out either immediately after the interval or just before the end of the concert.

7.    As an alternative to a raffle for adding to the financial success of the concert, a bucket collection as the audience leaves at the end can be very productive. You may need to get your venue’s permission for this.
8.    There will be a spot just before the end of the concert where the organiser from the charity can speak for 3 minutes. The speech should be short, punchy, enthusiastic and informative. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the charity’s successes and to get the audience to dig in their wallets for notes to put in the collection buckets.   A good concert where everyone is leaving on a high can raise a lot of money at this point.


We hope that you find the above points useful.  Your choir contacts for further information are:    

                           John Sillwood, Concert Secretary,  01932 889798,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                    Brian Forsdick, Publicity Officer,  01932 223992,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.