As you will see from our Concert Diary, as well as our own Spring, Autumn and Christmas concerts, which we organise and perform in Weybridge to boost our own funds, the choir performs around a dozen concerts each year for local charities, churches  and community organisations. If you are a member or supporter of such a group and would like to organise a concert for your own fund-raising purposes you can find more information on what this entails on the following pages.

We offer a varied repertoire of items, including popular opera choruses, songs from musical shows, spirituals, Welsh and other hymns, traditional songs and ballads plus choral arrangements of popular contemporary numbers.

We normally field some forty to fifty choristers at any one concert. Choir members live in various locations throughout Surrey, Middlesex and beyond and usually travel to concerts at their own expense. For this reason we are normally unable to accept engagements involving a performance time of less than one hour or which require less than forty choristers, or where the expected audience size is less than 100.

Although the choir is a registered charity in its own right and, therefore, non-profit making we do have ever-increasing operating expenses. We therefore ask for a minimum donation of £225 from the proceeds of charity or community concerts. Fees for other commercial or non-charitable events will be discussed at the time of booking.

The choir is unable to take bookings for weddings or funeral services.

Please note that whilst we are happy to provide help and advice where we can, venue booking, publicity, ticket sales and front-of-house arrangements are ultimately the responsibility of the organisation booking us.